July 05, 2007

Mystery to me

I love making tasks into games. I am easily entertained and I think that is a blessing so I take full advantage of this characteristic and make games out of as many chores as possible.

While this would hardly qualify as a chore, it is a daunting task that has easily overwhelmed me in the past.

I have several lace shawl kits to DIE for but I pull them out, get a little woozy from the thought of all that intricate work (can't work on these while watching a foreign movie or even a show that is too interesting) and put them back in the basket/bin/box/bag.

So I was pretty enthralled by the idea of the Mystery Stole. And so far it is living up to its hype. Who knew that withholding parts of the pattern from me would keep me interested enough to forge ahead?

At least that is the case for now. We all know what my attention span can be when it comes to the long slog.

lace knitting supplies

I happen to have a little stash of lace yarn waiting to be lovingly used in a project. This is a light grey that has the very slightest of variation in the color. So slight you can't really tell until you start knitting it up and then it just adds a wonderful depth to the knitted fabric. I'm making it with light grey beads so it is monochromatic but I think it will be stunning and more versatile for wear. The crystal beads were tempting but I think the lace is going to sing and dance and won't need sparkle competing with it. And I'm not very sparkly anyway.

The yarn is Lacy Lamb but I can't find a sample of my color and my label looks very different than what I see being sold online.

lacy lamb label

I'm about 2/3 through the first clue (and the second is released tomorrow so I'd better get a move on if I don't want to get hopelessly behind and discouraged, etc.). This is just under 6" along the side (that is nearly 15cm for folks outside the US and no, I don't know why we didn't follow through with adopting the metric system. My guess is that men with bucks complained about the cost to switch their machinery bits and since men with bucks rule the US...we bowed down to their whining complaints).

mystery stole progress

I'm a little disappointed that mine doesn't seem to show the detail in the design others are showing. I might need to go down a needle size or I might be doing my YOs wrong. Well, not wrong, but not as right as they should be for a piece like this. I like how it looks. Actually, I loved how it looked until I got a look around at other's work. Dang. But I do want mine to be a little bit bigger because, well, I'm a little bit bigger.

Oh, and the red lifelines? Cinnamon dental floss. Someone recommended it as a life line and since it is fairly portable, I figured, why not? Some of you are more adventurous and throw caution to the wind. I'm fragile to failures of this dimension (as I will be illustrating this weekend in a huge knitty opportunity I'm throwing out to all of you).

And I have the UFO stash to prove it.