March 09, 2006

Zoom zoom

Look how cute the sweater turned out! I found the cutest little car buttons that matched the color of the yarn perfectly. The yarn isn't a simple light blue. There is a hint of teal (or is it gray) to it that makes it pretty but makes it just off enough that blue and light blue buttons looked wrong.

raglan with buttons

Enter, the perfectly colored teal and purple buttons. Look how the polka dots on the car match the sweater perfectly! Don't you just love serendipity?

car button

This finally goes out Friday and then I only have one last project to finish before my Olympic knitting is finally done. We had 36 days...right?

We had kind of freaky weather today which resulted in snow so I'm hoping that justifies sending the nephew a wool sweater in March.

March 06, 2006

traditional vs. backwards

Well, I think it is safe to say I didn't not finish my Olympic endeavors. I don't feel that bad considering I changed jobs and moved during those 16 days.

The job change is fantastic. It is all things you want a new job to be and I'm having a blast. I also love the area to which I moved.

I'm in a small apartment so I can take my time buying a home this year but even this little apartment is great. It is so nice to be living in a place that is warm and cozy. Where I was living before was older and right on the river. Great view but cold and drafty!

I am allowed to complain about it being cold because we had another little cold snap and the river started freezing again. This flower pot is on my back porch. It rained one day, filling it up with water, and the next day I found it frozen solid.

flower pot of ice

I know this is no big deal to most people but I have spent the last 40 years in Southern California and Arizona. It is still a big deal to me.

I'm hoping it is still a little cold where my nephew lives because I did manage to finish one of my Olympic projects.

nephew's raglan

His sweater, which I'm not sure will even fit him because he is growing so fast and into such a huge kid! But his mom requested it so, by golly, I had to do it!

This was a little Debbie Bliss pattern in her cashmerino (my favorite yarn to knit with). I just need to put buttons on this and get it out! It desperately needs to be blocked but I don't have any blocking material here at the new place. Maybe just some damp towels from the dryer...

The back of this sweater does illustrate something I have discovered. Recently, out of boredom and because I'm a process knitter (so I like to master new things) I started knitting backwards rather than turning my work. And it has improved the quality of my work a lot!

I knit continental but when I knit backwards I have to throw the yarn and I don't know if this is what has changed my stitch but here is a shot where the bottom half is done the traditional way. I knit a row, turned the work and purled the next row. The top half of the picture is where I started knitting backwards.

traditional v. backwards

Here is the wrong side of the knitting. You can see big rows of space or something in the bottom half (the traditional way) and nice, neat, even rows at the top (backwards on the purl rows.

Who knew? I never heard of that being a result from knitting backwards.

January 17, 2006

Don't bug me, I'm knitting

With school being done I should have lots of time to do things like write on the blog. In fact, I should be better about writing on the blog since I do this as a writing exercise first and a way to keep my knitting on track second.

But I'm lazy.

I'm really really lazy and I look at the laptop from the couch and think, "I really don't want to get sucked into sitting there for three and four hours when I don't have to."

So I'm actually blogging less because I'm knitting more.

Do I have proof? No. That would involve getting up from the couch, getting the camera and sitting at that laptop for a while and I have explained that I'm avoiding that.

I am, however, participating in the Olympics this year. OK, maybe it isn't your fancy-shmancy Olympics they show on TV and give fancy-shmancy medals for but I am striving for greatness and reaching WAY beyond my capabilities. I'll write more later about my project but in the meantime I'm in training.

I just have to figure out what training for the Olympics would actually involve. Squeeze balls? Yoga? Piano scales?

Here, let me distract you with unbelievable cuteness. This is the sweater I knit for my nephew sometime last year. It was quite large and I was fairly sure he would swim in it. But it turns out he is kind of a freak. At 9 months he was 33 inches high and 25 pounds. So it is kind of fitting like a muscle shirt. Actually, the look with the camo pants is perfect. My nephew the PWT. And look how happy he is with his beer-guzzling, monster-truck-rally attending, carbarator-in-the-living-room look!

pwt sweater

Is he not the most kissable little guy you have ever seen (with his Auntie's dimples)?