July 12, 2008

Oh I wish I had my camera!

There are no pictures to illustrate so you will have to imagine this...

Frankie had an appointment at the vet today to check out his eye and make an appointment with an ophthalmologist He has been to the vet many times before but it is the first visit he and I have had together.

We are shown into the exam room. As usual, there is an exam table and two chairs beside each other. I sit in one chair, Frankie took a look around and decided to sit in the other chair. He got up there and sits as pleased as can be. The vet tech just about died laughing.

Now remember, this is not a small dog. He is a greyhound and a fairly big one at that. When we sat in those chairs, the top of his head was a little above mine (and I'm 6'). He could just tuck his fanny inside the chair arms so he had to sit bolt upright at a little bit of an angle in the seat.

The vet came in and he is still sitting in his chair. (and yeah, it was a big hit with her) He did let her sit in the chair with him for the exam (which I think actually made it easier for her to check his eyes and ears). But for almost the entire visit, I sat in one chair and he sat in the other next to me.

May 24, 2008

Insanity, mine and the dogs'

New category...My Dogs are Insane.

Have I mentioned they are pups? They just turned 2 years old but they have only just come out of the kennel life so everything is new and exciting.

This particular one is a Frankie special. He has more energy and wigglies than the rest put together. It is like this ALL the time. Every day. My life is made up of strategies for distracting the pups.