December 18, 2009

Coming Up For Air

Quick! I don't have any time to dilly dally. Here is a completed present. Not a Christmas present. This is a birthday present that is in December. So it becomes a part of the Christmas madness. I figured out that 10 out of 12 immediate family members have their birthday between November and February. 5 of those are just in February. Although you shouldn't feel bad for me. These birthdays (and the holidays) always fall on the same date so there really is no actual necessity for cramming all knitting in that short time frame. I just seem to be a wee bit slow.

These are still a part of Plan A. I hung onto Plan A for as long as possible. Just long enough that I got this done. This is a little entralac felted bag I made. The pattern is in Interweave Knits holiday gift special. I made one and it just didn't felt small enough for me. I wanted a jewelry bag. So I knew I'd have to find something that wasn't spun very tightly. That yarn felts a LOT!

I found a couple skeins of Nashua Wooly Stripes which felted to the perfect size (To give some scale to the size of the bag, that is a coaster it is sitting on). This colorway is a fun, pink, purple, lime green, yellow mix. It is WS0056 Citrus. The color worked perfectly for entralac. A different color for every tier. One bag is dark and one is light. They turned out neat. They are a very quick knit. I did them both in one evening.

I wanted a jewelry bag because I made a necklace to go inside. I wanted something sparkly and pretty for the recipient. She is very fair so I knew she would pull it off and it would be a pretty dress-up necklace. Most of the beads are Swarovski crystal. So the handmade necklace goes in the handmade jewelry bag. Don't you love how the yarn even made a pretty border along the top? And I got a little silver bead to decorate the tie. Adds a little something extra.

I have another bag and another necklace. I'll share later. I have to get back to Plan C knitting.

Should we start a poll for when I give up and start throwing money at Christmas?