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Socks-ward Ho!

In a fit of guilt, I powered through Grandma's Christmas socks and finished them. I feel terrible when I'm behind on those because my knit socks are the only socks she ever wears and she loves getting them. She is a knitter herself so she's the perfect recipient. I'm just such a fickle knitter that I get easily distracted and then she doesn't get socks from me. This year was her 95th birthday and I realized that someday I'll feel terrible I can't knit her anymore socks. I wasn't enjoying the basketweave pattern much but it was making a nice thick material and the colors are perfect for her so I got those done and then looked around for another sock project for her. She deserves at least two pair this year I think.

This Elann Esprit has been languishing in my stash for years (I don't see the multi-colorways anymore). I don't like knitting with it much because it is very elastic. It makes a nice sock though and it is really fun to do with a lace pattern because it holds onto the leg really well. The colors are fairly neutral so I think she'll be able to pair these with a lot of outfits. I also thought she could use some warmer weather socks. She wears the wool socks I make her year-round. I know she has some circulation issues that are common with age so the warmth is probably welcome even in warm weather but these will still help warm her feet without being too warm.

I found the pattern on Ravelry (which looks like it is knit in the same colorway by coincidence. I swear I have more imagination that this.) and liked it because it was super simple and mindless and it really ended up being the perfect pattern for this yarn. It was just entertaining enough that I've whipped through them pretty fast (for me) and I'm on the last few inches before I start the toe. I'll probably have them done for the next time I see her.

My allergies have been so horrific that I didn't continue the Great Organization Clean-Out last weekend. This weekend I should be back in business and I'll tackle the drawers in my bedroom. This should be gripping as weeding out t-shirts seems to be hard for me.

Fitness-wise I've kept up the swimming 3x a week. I need to bring in strength training again. It has the most impact on making my back feel better. I also want a new goal. Working towards the 1 mile goal for swimming was so much fun and motivating. I hit that a couple months ago and that accomplishment felt wonderful. I want another goal to keep moving me forward.

I was going to share a gratuitous cute-kitty photo but the Flickr app is being horrible. Not everyone wants to be social all the time Flickr!


Like the sock pic, would have loved the kitty pic!