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Easter Socks and Jeans

Grandma's Easter socks have been completed so I'll be able to give her both pairs of socks this weekend when I see her for Easter.

I only cleaned out my chest of drawers (haven't even touched the dresser yet) and I found EIGHT pairs of jeans that I had forgotten about. They are brand new and fit. I thought I was down to my last two pairs and was about to buy more. In addition to those eight, I found two additional pairs that are also brand new and fit and just need to be hemmed.

It's like shopping in my own wardrobe but way more cost effective!


I love finding new "old" clothes. It's better than shopping, cheaper too! Well sort of, you already paid for these things.

Right now I'm searching for a lost belt. I found a few work type tops in the process but still no belt. Maybe next week!

Can't wait to find out what is in your dresser!

You can make socks? Man, I want to make socks! My socks get holes in them every 2 days. Wait. Maybe I just buy cheap socks. Hm. I might have to review my sock buying habits.

But I still wish I could make them.

Cool! I learned how to make a knitted cap, but I haven't graduated to socks yet!