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By the Skein of my Teeth

How does knitting fit in with the corporate work environment? Well, apparently in many little ways. I like to knit when I'm stuck on a conference call and I'm primarily a listener rather than presenter. It keeps me focused on the call rather than letting my mind wander as I start to check my email and cuteoverload.com.

I also like to knit at lunch. It is something I can do and still visit with the people around me whereas looking at stuff on my phone is a decidedly unsocial posture.

And I see it creep into my work now and then as illustrated by this checklist I made for myself while cleaning up a big batch of elearning. This should say "Change skin and format TOC" but I'm OK with finding a new skein too.

Lunch knitting of the day:

Christmas socks for Grandma. Simple toe-up, basketweave socks in a lovely Blue Moon Fiber Arts colorway. I don't have the label anymore because I've started and ripped several projects with this and it has been shoved in multiple project bags. It looks a bit like My Blue Heaven but not quite which makes me think this is either discontinued or was an over-dye skein. I love the uniqueness of Tina's over-dyes so I do grab them often.