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December 12, 2012

By the Skein of my Teeth

How does knitting fit in with the corporate work environment? Well, apparently in many little ways. I like to knit when I'm stuck on a conference call and I'm primarily a listener rather than presenter. It keeps me focused on the call rather than letting my mind wander as I start to check my email and cuteoverload.com.

I also like to knit at lunch. It is something I can do and still visit with the people around me whereas looking at stuff on my phone is a decidedly unsocial posture.

And I see it creep into my work now and then as illustrated by this checklist I made for myself while cleaning up a big batch of elearning. This should say "Change skin and format TOC" but I'm OK with finding a new skein too.

Lunch knitting of the day:

Christmas socks for Grandma. Simple toe-up, basketweave socks in a lovely Blue Moon Fiber Arts colorway. I don't have the label anymore because I've started and ripped several projects with this and it has been shoved in multiple project bags. It looks a bit like My Blue Heaven but not quite which makes me think this is either discontinued or was an over-dye skein. I love the uniqueness of Tina's over-dyes so I do grab them often.

December 11, 2012

Cue the Music, the Holidays are Here

The holiday craziness is in full force. I'm so behind it hurts but I'm not stressing about it too much. There isn't anything I can do about my timetable. December is always financially tight because of gifts and travel but I got hammered with a huge auto repair bill (time to start thinking about a new car!) and then a vet bill. Nothing too bad happened to any of the furkids. We were doggy sitting adorable Cookie this weekend and in the midst of showing off, Frankie hit something and tore the skin on his shoulder. That is a common thing that can happen to greyhounds because their skin is so thin and they don't have a standard doggy coat to protect them. He wasn't hurt badly but it did need to get sewn up and he's on antibiotics. This has resulted in a re-prioritization of where the money goes this month. I was leaning towards making most of my gifts anyway and now it looks like that is exactly what I'll be doing. So the elf worktable is in full force in an effort to get it all done before I travel back to Arizona for Christmas.

This is adorable Cookie. It was almost impossible to get a shot of her that wasn't blurry because she was moving most of the time!

I saw some jewelry made out of dominoes which inspired me to personalize some domino sets for the gamers in my life. I've never done this so I really have my fingers crossed that this will work. I don't know what the dominoes are made of but it must be a kind of plastic which doesn't usually paint well. So I'm sanding the surface of the domino backs and sides hoping that will provide a little grip for paint and I picked up a high quality acrylic paint. I really hope this works. It totally sucks when I get an idea I don't know how to execute. That's all my eggs in one basket there. I have some great ideas for design and if I have time I'd like to sew matching bags for the dominoes rather than the ugly tins they normally come in. Pictures when I have something more interesting to show than a sanded domino.

I'm also finishing up Grandma's socks which will make her happy because that is all she ever wants from me. Not any other knitting though. So much of my family live in areas where they can't wear wooly items that it really limits the knitting I can do for them. My family that do live in colder climates are well set with wool so I can't really bestow any more on them. At least this year. I may be able to get away with hats next year.

Wee sweater ornament I knitted up. It just needs little beads for the buttons. It is kind of hard to see but it is hanging from the spiral on a spiral notebook if that gives you some scale. I should have taken a picture during the day in natural light so it doesn't look so harsh but have I mentioned before how dark it is in Oregon this time of year?

The house is finally free of Halloween decorations (Yes, it took me forever. Oct. through Dec. is always nuts for me) and I have a few Christmas decorations up. I don't do a lot because I'm gone for the holiday and it just ends up being something else I am late to take down so I mainly focus on cleaning (because it is SO nice to come home from vacation to a spotless house!) and decorating for Winter. It is so dark in Oregon in the Winter and my house is dark on top of that so I like putting up a lot of candles and lights to make it cozy rather than dim. Personally I think we should be allowed to keep up Christmas lights on the house until Spring because it is so dang dark when I come and go to work but I'm in the minority in my neighborhood and I have really lovely neighbors so I don't like to be difficult. They were very sweet when my yard got rather out of control this summer as I tried to find a new yard guy.

So decorations are simple, and a little sparkley.

Scarlet kitty is really thriving. She has been such a wonderful addition to our furry family. She is very playful and likes to move things around. I come home from work and find one of my socks in the guest bathroom and another sock in my shower. For a while she was stealing skeins of yarn and I found her stash of them in a corner under a chair. She loves water and her favorite thing is for me to turn the faucet on in just a little stream and she plays with it. She bats at it, bites at it and generally puts her entire head and body under it.

I'm determined that this is the year I get to update my bathroom so I will no longer have the blinding yellow counter.

She isn't really afraid of the dogs anymore and is learning how to cuddle with me.

And this is why we don't take our kitties to work.

I'm sure I won't post before the holiday so have a safe and happy holiday season all! We'll be waiting right here for you. In our napkin holders special seats.