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April 20, 2012

I'm Done Lurking

I've been putting off writing an update for a few reasons:

1. Recovery from the holidays. Seriously. I must be getting so old but I just needed to shut. down. for a good long while.

2. I lost Sapphire. She was 15 so this is not unexpected but it was truly dreaded. She finally lost the use of her hind end and she would never ever be one of those dogs that tolerates the little wheelie deals even though I would totally be one of those owners that would rig something like that up to keep my beloved pookie a while longer. Sapphire was my first greyhound, my partner for the last 12 years and one of those presences in your life that truly influences it. Even though she was a dog. She was the perfect woman. Girly, tough, loved harder than anyone else, played harder than anyone else, and completely in charge of all that surrounded her. I miss her to bits.

3. Job change. My contract ended so I'm rustling up new sources of funding. I'm also feeling like it is WAY past time I just got my own business going. This is silly. But it is so comforting when someone wants you in their organization and you have pot lucks and Christmas parties and lunches with people. If I can hurry up and get a few multi-million dollar contracts I can hire people and start having those again. Tell your friends.

That's it. Those are the only reasons. Not great but there you go.

Knitting has slowed way down as I try to get caught up on life things. (my Christmas lights are still up) I had a bunch of books on order at the library and all of a sudden everything came in at once. So I read the first 4 books of Game of Thrones in epic time and I'm now trying to fit in American Gods and my monthly book for my Vaginal Fantasy book club. Not to mention a gazillion little Mrs. Jeffries books that are like book popcorn. Light, easy and always good. I can knock those out in a day and still get a fair amount of work done.

The rest of the dogs are good. It is just Frankie and Oscar now. A name theme and I didn't even mean it. Plus they are boys so the whole weiner thing works a couple of ways.

Weight is down a bit. The weight loss is dragging out. Man, it is true, you do lose so much slower when you get a little older. I'm down over 20" all over so that is lovely. I can see it in the fit of my clothes finally. The trouble is, you lose weight from the top down so that means none of my bras fit and now my belly sticks out farther than my chest. Not fair. Plus, my rings aren't fitting now. I think I'll need to lose some more before I can just pop the ring on another finger.

I'm still kickboxing and still really enjoying it. In fact, in a "what has happened to me" moment, I asked for a medicine ball and a Bosu ball for my birthday and was really excited to get them! Plus my dojo got some new dummies and I managed to score one of the old ones so I have it set up in my garage and can punch and kick whenever I fancy! Hooray. But also, how strange. When did I turn into this person?