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Small Projects

Hey, knitting going on!

I cast on for Grandma's birthday socks. There is no question that she gets socks because she didn't get them for Christmas again and was not happy.

I also whipped up a quick infinity scarf for Mom because she likes them and will be in Oregon's wine country in a few months with her friends so I think she could use it. I believe this is a Rowan yarn but I've had it for years. It is a lovely, loosely spun creamy white with a strand of ribbon running through it. The ribbon goes from light blue to navy. I think it will be really pretty with Mom's long silver hair. This is just a simple seed stitch and I just kept going until I ran out of yarn.

The lighting is terrible in this picture because it is such a grey, dark day. Even for Oregon it is grey and rainy. (better color representation here)

I have so much yarn stash and I really want to embark on a reduction project. Weed out the clothes, shoes, books, etc. But this should include my yarn which is overflowing one closet, the tops of bookcases, under the desk, and on and on. I think, at the very least, I will try to eat up those onesie twosie skeins I accumulated with the idea that I would do a hat or scarf. If I do one of those a month and give it away to someone, it chips away at it a little. I still need to do a major purge.

This Saturday I'm going to haul it all out of all the nooks and crannies and halve it (at the very LEAST). I'll take a picture of the before to blow your mind and then I'll start posting it on Ravalry and eBay. Probably should have done this in the Fall...

Gratuitous greyhound picture to distract from my hoarding project. I piled up the dog beds to vacuum and my old girl, Sapphire (who turned 15 last month) managed to get up there and claim the pile as her own. Pretty good considering her shakey hind end!


I just came here from The Harlot's comments and saw your doggie and wanted to share Elvis' story with you. You can find him at
eileenmitchell.blogspot.com. It is bittersweet at the moment but you can most surely relate. I will be back for knitting.