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Random Bits and Pictures

Goodness! I was absolutely positive I had posted after Christmas but either that post disappeared or I'm imagining things. My money is on the imagining. Since I have so much catch-up to do and nothing planned out for this post, I'll go with the random format and random pictures (hold cursor over picture for caption).

Random bit #1:

I did finally get all the lights up and it looked adorable. However, I have very irritating neighbors who got their lights up the day after Thanksgiving and took them down the day after Christmas. I looked like a slacker getting them up and a slacker today since they are still up. I like lights during the winter months because they brighten up the grey scenery. However, I think I'm starting to look foolish. I may have to venture out today and take them down. Sad face.

Random bit #2:

Christmas with the family was lovely and I enjoyed myself immensely. I absolutely hate the drive to Arizona because I hate driving but I'm so happy that is all over that it almost makes up for it. I scored some great stuff for gifts and managed to hit a bullseye with almost all the gifts I gave. That feels really good.

Random bit #3:

The dogs are great, even Sapphire. Her spirits are high, she is eating very well, she is still shaky in the hind end but everything else is strong. I love her to bits and am glad for every good day we have. It turns out Oscar is petrified of the fire in the fireplace. This is a nuisance because we had a wee bit of snow today and the family room gets a chill that only the fireplace can help. I have a good heater but that room has old sliding glass doors and a cat door so I think a lot of cold air gets in there. I had a fire yesterday but the poor boy spent the whole day trying to get in my arms and I finally felt guilty. I didn't want him to be miserable but her certainly was. I am working on a new strategy.

Random bit #4:

I managed not to gain any weight over Christmas. This is huge because I wasn't careful at all. However, I haven't lost any weight this week and I'm starting to wonder if I just need to stay away from the scale all together. I've been eating super healthy and I feel pretty good but I find myself falling into that old "diet" mindset that really just results in a shame spiral for me. Hate those.

Random bit #5:

I have to buy a new phone and a new TV. I really don't like buying toys that cost that kind of money. I have the money, that isn't the problem but I just don't enjoy it like I always thought I would when I was poor and couldn't afford anything. I don't know why I rain on my parade like that. I just want someone to tell me what I need and then I'll do it. I have to stop reading all the product reviews and agonizing over it.

Random bit #6:

I feel like I've been grumpy all week with companies for being stupid. Grumpy with Comcast because I got a phishing email with someone using their name and account. I forwarded it to them because I used to work at one of the largest online companies in the world and I specialized in that kind of abuse so I know that they need to jump on this but their customer service agent didn't read my email and just sent me an email educating me about phishing. I stayed very polite but since one of the things I do is customer service training, it chaps my hide when the agents don't completely read the email. They just skim for keywords and then send an unhelpful response. So that irritated me. Then I had a really rude call from PayPal because I had a negative balance. They had their Collections people call me. I asked why an automatic email wasn't generated the second I went negative. The agent couldn't answer that. She just kept repeating her shpiel about they weren't designed to hold a negative balance. Seriously. That kind of crap for $45 over 9 days. I could have fixed it in 3 seconds if an email had just been sent. She also wanted me to pay over the phone and I told her there was no way I was giving card numbers to someone on the phone. Irritating! This is on the heels of them freezing my account over Christmas because I used the card at gas stations on my road trip. Somehow that was suspicious behavior. Really? No one travels over Christmas?

Random bit #7:

The above paragraph made me grumpy again. So I'm going to focus on the snow falling outside (yay!) and some hot chocolate. I got all of my errands done yesterday so I don't have to leave the house today. I can just putter around and nest. I love that.