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Fitness and Cleverness

The good news is that I didn't gain any weight over Thanksgiving. Yay! I wasn't especially careful either. I was sensible but honestly, because I was hosting it, I just didn't have time to nibble. But I ate what I want including the mashed potatoes with half and half and cheese in them. Yum.

I think the weight maintenance is likely due to my regular work outs I've been enjoying. I didn't work out Thanksgiving week as much as I normally do but I got a couple days in there and I made sure they were cardio (rather than weight training which is what I actually enjoy the most). Now over Christmas my dojo will be closed and my group won't be meeting and I'm really bummed about that. I feel like I've finally gotten in the habit (which is SO hard) and I'm enjoying it, have had some success, and really hate to lose the momentum. So I'll have three weeks off and I'm trying to come up with some alternatives. People say walk a lot but that isn't a great work out for me. Because I have a bum knee it ends up hurting, I end up compensating with my other leg and, quickly, my toes start to go numb. So I don't last long and I certainly don't hit the maximum of my stamina.

I have a little added incentive though, I signed up for HBBC (Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge).

I am a bit competitive so this is usually a good way to inspire me. Now it is entirely possible I'll be busy and distracted and won't follow through with this but I'm sure going to try. If I just give myself an hour every morning to do something active. Anything to make me sweat, I think it will be a good thing.

I've already decided I'm definitely signing up for the next 10 week UBC program and I think this may be the course where I start to actually see results. Up to now there has been a big difference visually. Even the scale doesn't show much weight loss but I can really feel the muscle I've been building under the fat and muscle weighs more than fat so I wasn't expecting the scale to be dramatic at first. I'm hoping the first UBC program of 2012 is where I get to actually watch my body and scale change.

On the knitting front: I'm totally behind. I've slacked off and have only one Christmas present made. I'm working on another right now and trying to get in a few rows during work (like a smoke break only healthier). I found myself stuck today because I needed a couple of stitch markers but I didn't have any here. That was when I figured out a straw...

Could make excellent stitch markers.

I feel very clever.