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Pecan Cakes and Rooing

I have very little food storage space in my kitchen. I desperately need a pantry but that problem just isn't a post. What IS my post is the fact that my one food cupboard has begun bulging with baking ingredients. I'm sure it is due to my reading through all of the Yarnstorm archives. This is a lovely, beautifully photographed blog with tons of baked goods. I have a file FULL of recipes that I've scribbled down when she provides them and I couldn't wait for the US version of her cookbook. Because of all my baked good lust, my cupboard is absolutely overflowing with flower, sugar, nuts, and oatmeal. So I tried to whip up a basic cookie. I wanted something nutty and oatmealy with that brown sugar flavor. I didn't have the proper butter. I had a soft butter SPREAD which I adore on my toast but was clearly too soft for a cookie structure. Even my untrained eye could tell these cookies weren't going to hold up. However, I marched ahead (because why admit there is a problem?) and ended up with these.

Now the good news is, these were delicious. The bad news is, they had kind of a strange texture. They weren't very sweet at all (which I love) and they were a little cakey. So I poured the rest of the batter into a 9x9 pan and tried it as a coffee cake.

This worked much better. The texture was about spot on for a dense, little cake. Very coffee cake-ish (if a little dry, which is why you need the coffee/tea). I put in chopped pecans so the cake had this wonderful pecan flavor. I love pecans in baked goods. I'll finish a bag of Pecan Sandies before chocolate chips any day. Even though I loved that it wasn't very sweet, it was calling for something to finish it. A cream cheese frosting. I tried to whip up a cream cheese frosting and was again faced with a runny finished product. I poured it over the cake anyway and called it a cream cheese glaze. It looked pretty and tasted absolutely wonderful. The only thing I would do differently would be to poke a bunch of holes in the cake so the glaze would run down and leave lovely little, tangy columns of glaze in the cake.

The cake actually got better after a few days. As it got a little stale, it got chewier which I enjoyed. Clearly I'm not your average baker.

We have a new addition to the dog family. One of Mom's greyhounds died suddenly a couple months ago. She just dropped in her tracks and I'm sure never felt a thing. It was absolutely devastating for my Mom who was talking to her one second and couldn't get her up the next. It scared my Mom that she couldn't lift her dog (greyhounds may be skinny but they are kind of big and can run as heavy as 80 or 90 pounds). Because Mom's last dog can't be an only dog (she just gets so depressed without a doggy friend) we looked to the Bichon Frisee rescue group for a little, fluffy guy that Mom could easily lift.

Welcome Sammy Adams to the family. He is a very sweet, cute pookie. It has been strange for Mom getting used to a doggy-dog again. Greyhounds are more like cats or horses so if you like doggy dogs, this is generally not the breed for you. I had a similar big adjustment with Oscar when he joined the family but he is at least a hound so there are a lot of similarities in behaviors like rooing. I think Sammy has been a good fit and he is clearly a happy boy.

We will be off to the beach this weekend to visit with Sammy Adams and Godiva. I'll wrap this up with a flattering picture of Godiva. She sleeps with her mouth open. What a lady!


Nice to "see" you again!

This will be the first time I've commented inside your blog but can truely point out with my hand on my heart that I've read every word you've entered both on this particular and your previous blog. I usually enjoy reading about what you get up to and am excited to see which you are producing beautiful, colorful photography.I do enjoy the intense pictures reminisent of The Delicate Art of Domesticity.Numerous thanks for the hours of escapism you've provided.Finest Regards Wm Nieng