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May 17, 2011

Catching Up

Spring in the Pacific Northwest can be a frenzy of activity. The world around us springs to life so quickly that I frequently can't keep up (I'm told by many that they can't either). We tend to have a lot of rain but the temperature is mild so the lawn grows five inches overnight (I'm only exaggerating a little), the trees burst into bloom, the crocus, daffodils, grape hyacinth, and tulips put on a dramatic show, and I'm racing about trying to get seeds planted for the summer. These tulips are very typical of my Spring experience. Stunning beauty while I'm still trying to cope with the challenge of Winter/Spring (note the mess in the background from multiple, muddy dogs). This can end up being really stressful for me because, while I'm a casual housekeeper at best, I don't like things dirty. Messy is OK, dirty bothers me. And in the Spring, with all the rain and mud, my house is dirty.

I've learned to prioritize and get help. I decided to bring in a lawn crew to help me get caught up (once you get the grass cut the first time and get the weeds out, it doesn't quite grow in such a frenzy the rest of the season). This is kind of hard for me because I enjoy doing the yard but there is just too much between both yard and inside and outside the house (it is also time to do the roof and gutters).

I've also jumped on a Groupon for carpet cleaning. I need to do this about twice a year during our rainy seasons (yes, believe it or not, Oregon has rainy seasons when it surpasses the normal, lovely drizzle). The hay has helped tremendously and was one of the smartest things I've ever done. I'll be doing this again for sure. It really reduced the mud coming in and is mulching down nicely into my lawn. My poor lawn is almost solid clay so it really needs the organic matter.

I wish I could say I'm consoled with my knitting but that has slowed way down. Part of it I think is just that I'm busy with other things and part of it may be these socks. These were my April socks so I've missed my first deadline.

There is no reason for stalling on these socks. I love the colors, it is knitting into a heavenly, soft fabric; there are a lot of color changes that should entertain me to no end. There is just something I'm not enjoying about knitting with this yarn. It isn't very stretchy so I'm wondering if that is part of it. My hands to seem to hurt a lot when I work on them but I don't know if that is because the yarn hurts them or because I'm bored and don't want to work on it. I'm so close; probably three inches away from starting the toe so I need to suck it up and stick it out. These are supposed to be my socks and I'm really looking forward to wearing them.

I'm starting to feel oppressed by my "things" again (this happens in the Spring and Fall) so I've been going through my baskets and bins thinking I really need to have an epic organization of these and get them under control once and for all. I think there is a lot I can get rid of and never even miss them. That in mind, why I succumbed to these lovelies the last time I was at the Knitting Bee I'll never know. I just absolutely fell in love with them and have kept them close by to pet often.

I think if I clear out the long grass, weeds, gutters, dirty carpet, and some of the stash, I will feel like I can breath again and focus on creating rather than just fixating on removal.