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Wooly Love and Kitties

I've done my best to get semi-attractive pictures of the beautiful wee things I've finished before they get sent off to the beautiful wee baby who needs them. You know Oregon has had a lot of gray days when the weatherman gets excited and tells you that "today will have enough sunshine that the buildings cast shadows!" Seriously. He said that. And we have had sunshine and I do get to enjoy it. From the window at work. That isn't really all that bad but it means the sweaters and I seem to only be together when it is gray and raining again.

First up is the Baby Tulip. This was knit from left over yarn I had and I love it. I love the saturated colors. I'm a big fan of bright, vibrant colors for babies. I'm excited the babies are here and light colors don't capture my excitement. This is such a fun sweater to knit. I don't know why I enjoy it so much but I've done a few of these and they make me happy every time. Yarn details here and pattern/yarn details on Ravelry.

This isn't the best picture but it captures the colors most accurately. I adore the vibrant violet at the collar and wish I had more of it in the sweater.

The next one is the little shrug. I'm very pleased with how this turned out. This was left over sock yarn and I think it made such a pretty shrug. Pattern and yarn details here and on Ravelry. I'm enchanted enough I may try to knit another one with the left over yarn for a future baby. I modified this a bit to make longer sleeves. The baby lives in a cooler climate so her Spring will probably need more sleeves. I apologize for the photo quality. I have had three different photo shoots trying to get a decent picture of this one. Shrugs are kind of hard to take pictures of anyway since they are mostly sleeve and back.

Life has all been about kitty drama lately. Suki started acting funny Saturday and then had some neuro "episodes" that night that scared the crap out of me. She was twitching and falling over. Not quite seizure-ish but enough that I thought it could be a possibility. I'm blessed with the most wonderful vet and veterinary hospital so I know she is in really good hands if not the best hands available. We spent most of Sunday at the vet and when we got back she was so perked up (all they could do was give her some fluids so I don't know why she was feeling so much better) that she started talking non-stop. This is all in a very perky, happy, talky, Suki-of-old tone. She has told me when she is going to eat, when she is going to walk down the hall, when she is going to cuddle up with me, when I should be petting her, and my favorite...she announced herself while she was going to use the litter box. I could just hear her telling me from the other room, "I'm PEEing!" I am responding to all her talking (Which is really what she loves and why she is talking so much. She adores to talk.) so I told her that was fine. But now I can't help thinking, "I'm PEEing!" when I walk in the bathroom. I'm wondering what the other ladies would do if I announced this from my bathroom stall here at work.

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!


Kitty looks tired.