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The First Step in My Plan to Rule the World

I am bouncing around a fairly brilliant business idea but it would require start up capital and it involves manufacturing products which is all kinds of crazy complicated. Anyone experienced with this or know someone experienced with this? I'd love to pick someone's brain and start scoping out the start up requirements and costs. This is a retail idea which couldn't be more different than my current business which is easy because I sell my services. This idea should bring me riches galore and seems to be a much more plausible plan than my current plan for wealth...the lottery; which I forget to play every week so the plan has more weaknesses than you can imagine.

Until I'm running my empire and ducking calls from Trump, March socks move along. I'll venture to say, hopefully without angering any knitting gods, I should complete them this month as planned. Regardless of how this picture looks, they are exactly the same size because I knit my socks at the same time on a single circular needle. I could never knit socks separately on dpns; I know my weaknesses. I do not have the fortitude or the attention span to knit the same thing twice like that. Not a sock.

They are no where near identical. I knew that would happen since one of the skeins was wound into a ball while the other was still in a skein (for my non-knitters, this means the "beginning" of the yarn is on the outside of the skein and in the very center of the ball so I'm starting in different places on the yarn). I don't know why that was done and I can't believe I did that so I'm wondering if I bought the skeins that way. It's OK though because it doesn't bother me at all when socks don't match. In fact, I consider it one of the charms of hand-knit socks.

Baby stuff shall go out in the next couple of days. I'm finishing off few pairs of baby socks and then I'll cut myself off and put it all in the mail already. A good friend is pregnant with her second child so I am not going to have to go cold turkey and am thinking another Baby Tulip with the same yarn would still be fun. Well, fun for me but for readers I'll try to do something entertaining to divert you rather than show you an identical sweater and demand you admire it as much as the first one.

Kitty update isn't very definitive. We've narrowed it down to either a treatable condition or cancer in her brain/nervous system. Ugh. Could it sound more grim? We shall just proceed forward with spoiling her rotten, enjoying our time together and if we have to face a tough decision, we'll face it. For now, she is the Queen of the house, as kitties should be. Suki does appreciate knitting. The last time Grandma visited she put her knitting bag down on the ground and unzipped it (actually I should say one of her bags. Grandma is a Knitter). Before she could even get her knitting out Suki installed herself and gave us all a look that said, "Go ahead, I dare you." We left her there for as long as she wished.


Suki has the right idea. "I'm perfect just where I am until I'm ready to move!"