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Suki Sue

Well chickens, Suki did not beat her battle with cancer. Tough tough decision but she deserved the best quality of life I could give her and it was pretty grim at the end. I'm sorry for bringing down the party but I talked about what we were dealing with earlier and I didn't want to just drop it. Besides, she was such an awesome kitty she deserves a nod and a mention.

Give your furries a scritch and count your blessings. We are so lucky to share our lives with these little guys. They just give so much love unconditionally and I truly believe they lead by example. We should all be more like our animals. Any pain and loss I'm feeling right now is only because I was so blessed to have a loving, demanding, funny kitty in the first place.

I've spent some extra time with the doggies to make sure they aren't confused by the change but they totally have it figured out. I'm always amazed how much better they understand life than we do.


Spikey and Dots will take care of her.