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Smell My Fingers!

The Baby Tulip has been completed and is blocking (I'll get better pictures when it is dry and I can get it by the Ott light.). I love it so much I keep petting it whenever I walk by. The colors got even more vibrant when they got their bath and the wool wash I used has a lovely cedar smell to it. I kept walking around smelling my fingers (which I know is terribly attractive) and telling the dogs, "Smell my hands! They smell so good!" The dogs were unimpressed.

I had intended to make baby bell bottoms to go with Tulip in either the lime or lavender colorway but even as a solid color the outfit just turned into baby disco. It was too much. So I grabbed a skein left over from a pair of socks (the Quill Lace socks) which had a lot of yarn left on it. I thought I might have enough to make a baby shrug. I think baby shrugs are a great idea for just covering up shoulders and arms for a bit of warmth. Plus I knew this colorway would be so pretty for a little girl! I'm not a huge fan of traditional baby colors and believe sage to be perfect for baby girls. But I also think lime green and purple are the perfect combo for any baby items.

In this case I'm right. The shrug is lovely and I have more than enough yarn to make longer sleeves. It is a nice, simple pattern that has been easy for me to customize. I'm using the wrong weight yarn and wanted the longer sleeves but simply making a size up has worked for sizing (Sometimes doing this just makes the sweater a funny shape. Ask me how I know.) and I made a long rib cuff to "shape" the sleeves. I just need to finish the second sleeve and it will be ready for it's smelly-good bath.

I haven't used up the yarn either which is sorta disconcerting. Well, if I'm going to have to find the magic never-ending skein of yarn, this is a good one to never end. I have a ton of the yarn I used for Tulip left over too. I love all this yarn but I'm kind of tired of it too. I should look into swapping with someone.

We have had so much rain that my back yard is flooded. I mean the dogs went splashing through this morning and came back happy as clams with black feet and ankles. The worst of this is that Oscar is so short, his belly is all wet and muddy too. All of this happens just as I'm getting ready to leave for work and can't do anything about it so it is a testament to my fortitude that I just turn a blind eye to what they have just done to the carpet and kitchen floor and walk out of the house. I tell myself that it will be easier to clean when it has dried but it makes my eye twitch a little. Why that gets my panties in a bunch but I can ignore a sink full of dishes for a week, I'll never know. I'm an enigma.