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Just a little randomness today. It has been a LONG week and I'm struggling just to finish any task my brain is so flighty.

Random #1: I was pleased that, for once, my funnest green socks and St. Patrick's day coincided and I sported what I refer to as the "alien socks." I don't know why except something about the bright colors make me think alien. Not that I have any first-hand experience. These have sure been a good pair of socks. The yarn was Lorna's Laces and they have been worn a lot but aren't thinning anywhere and have always been soft and comfortable. I'm not thrilled with my standard long-tail cast on. I may look into a cast on that has some more give. The tops of my socks tend to be tight at a certain point won't go up as far as I would like.

Random #2: I forgot St. Patrick's day was coming up so I was caught unawares and didn't have corned beef and cabbage ready to make for dinner. Fortunately the cafeteria at work is better prepared than I and they did a killer job with their corned beef (some people make it way too salty) and the cabbage was cooked to perfection (you don't cook it to death but it should be just getting limp) so I maintained the tradition for lunch. They were also serving Guinness cake which is something I have always wanted to try. It was killer. I mean so good that if I make one I'll eat it all myself it is so good. The Guinness makes the chocolate not too sweet and there is absolutely the tang of the Guinness which is delicious in a cake even if you aren't crazy about it as a drink. This cake was served with cream cheese frosting which was so perfect in keeping it from being too sweet. Absolutely divine.

Random #3: I saw a television ad for a glass repair company who made a point of advertising their website feature where customers can make appointments online. "Great!" I thought, "I need to get my windshield repaired from a chip that splintered during the cold snap." I went to the website and was given two choices: a cost estimate or make an appointment. I thought I'd get an estimate first so I'd have an idea what I was going to have to cough up. After filling out numerous forms and fields I received no estimate (they said it was because they didn't know what my deductible was which I don't understand how that figures in to overall cost). I wasn't thrilled by this and even a little suspicious but this was the business my insurance company recommended so I tried the other option of making an appointment. The process looked exactly the same and at the end of it, I was TOLD when my appointment was. I wasn't asked what some choices would be or even if I could make the appointment they gave me. I also received a call from this company because they were confused as to why I now had two appointments. Excellent, asking for an estimate results in no estimate but you do get an appointment. I go through experiences like this and I know that the website developers and the organization themselves haven't done any kind of user testing on the site. I mean, clearly they haven't gone through the process themselves or if they have, no one questioned whether or not it was clunky, helpful, realistic, or even providing what it said it would provide. That gave me a little teeth-grinding today. I have a low tolerance of this kind of user experience online.

Random #4: My favorite comedic actors have a new movie that opened in the US today and I can't wait to go see it. I'll put it off one weekend so I can go with a buddy who likes them too. I'm thinking I need to break out the alien socks just for the event...