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Me Me Me

I did not cast on the March socks on March 1 because I was wrapping up the shrug. I was so close to being done I just wanted to finish it. However, I have cast on today and I'm very excited about this pair. This pair is for me. I haven't knit a pair of socks for me in 4 years I think. Over 4 years. My sock knitting has been exclusively gifts as my hand knit socks got holes and have been stuffed in a "darn" drawer. Me, the sock knitter, only has one pair of hand knit socks that were a birthday gift from a dear friend. She looked kind of shocked when I gushed over them and confessed that I had not made any for me in forever. So this month feels very decadant and I'm thrilled. This was one of the reasons I started my knitting schedule.

The yarn is Opal I believe but the yarn bands are long gone. I've cast on and off more than a few times as my socks took a backseat to sock gifting. These are my colors and this was never going to be for anyone but me. The pattern is a basic Mistaken Rib. I'm using the Sock of Doom pattern which makes very nice socks. I've taken a covert picture of the cast on rows since I'm in a place where it is entirely inappropriate to take pictures of knitting.