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Items of Note

1. Yesterday I bought groceries and dog food and I think my bank account wept a little. I moaned that it was expensive to be me.

2. Mud in the backyard is epic. Dogs look like they are wearing 4 black socks all the time.

3. One dog got a bath Sunday and no matter how long I ran the water on his paws, the water never ran clear.

4. I curse the idiot who installed champagned-colored carpet. I will look into mud-colored carpet as soon as I recover from grocery/dog food bill.

5. One of the dogs got into the garbage and has an upset stomach. This has added additional colors to the carpet and a smell that may eat away all adhesives in the house making carpet replacement easier.

6. Got the bright idea to put down hay across the muddy back yard. There is a chance the hay will just turn my backyard into an adobe brick. I'm not completely opposed to this idea.

7. Am told I can only get hay at feed stores. I have never been to a feed store but I dreamt I had two horses so I guess I'm ready to visit the feed store.

8. Found a feed store. Bales of hay are only $6 each. Today, it is not expensive to be me.

9. My car will only carry 3 bales at a time. Decide against two horses.

10. Bales of hay smell wonderful and have improved the car. Am thinking of covering the floors in my house with bales of hay.

11. I don't have a pitchfork for bale of hay. I'm wondering what will be a suitable substitute. Barbecue fork?