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The Black Hole Sock

I'm making progress on the February sock but I'm not thrilled with the result. This has a shorter deadline because it is for a birthday this week. If I had to the end of the month I'd rip it out and go again. The leg pattern is kind of cool but I think it is going to be way too big for Grandma's leg and the line from the pattern to the heel has created a poof that makes the sock look slouchy. Just want Grandma wants. The really depressing part is I tried this on two days ago and was in the exact same spot as you see here. Two days of knitting that has gone into the ether.

I'm also decreasing like crazy because that big leg will just not be faked on the foot. It must be smaller for Grandma. See? Disaster after disaster. This is why I should rip it out.

Ah well...