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Procedures Men Would Rather We Not Discuss

February Socks are finished with two days to spare. They are wonky...there is no denying that. However, I shall wrap them and present them to the birthday girl and have her try them on before I judge them harshly. I kept trying them on and except for the heel poof, they were fitting just fine. The colors are nice. Brown, cream, minty green and cerulean blue. It is an unusual colorway for me and it is a testament to how wool fumes can overpower a normally sensible knitter when surrounded by beautiful wool. I can't believe I even bought it but Grandma wears a lot of brown, blue, and green, and really, they are kind of neutral with a pop of a little color here and there without taking over the colorway.

I do think this will make adorable baby socks though and I have a couple of babies that require wooly love.

I've been requested to provide an update on Frankie's progress with the prozac. I was not seeing any change in his personality at all and, unfortunately, no change in his behaviors either. Then I happened to read the medication label and realized I should have doubled his dosage after the first week. Oops. So we shall see if there is any progress after this week. I have threatened him with a penis-ectomy and then I found out that is a real procedure.

I'm sure he is quaking in his furry boots.