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February Socks and Prozac

The February socks are on the needle and with a bit of a false start, they are on their way. Originally I was going to do a New Pathways pattern by Cat Bordhi who I have a knitting crush on and am in awe of but the sock was getting too big for Grandma (who is the recipient of these socks) and it wasn't going to quite work. So I fell back to a handy book I have where you can just flip through and pick the cuff, leg, and foot of the sock you would like to do. Socks a la Carte. The sock has been ripped out and redone and I'm just about to start on the leg. The colorway is OK. I think Grandma will find them very wearable because she wears a lot of green and brown. I did notice that the yarn matches my knitting bag perfectly. How coordinated do I feel?

I've squeezed in a few other projects. I'm not completely stressed out from work anymore so I'm really feeling a creative rush. I guess I need to get some of it out of my system. A friend just had a daughter which means lovely little baby things beginning with this adorable hat. I love it and will make booties and a sweater to send a long to the new baby.

I also knit a beret. This was supposed to be a birthday present for my Aunt and half way through I realized that we don't really exchange birthday gifts anymore and I probably should just make this for me. I need a new winter hat since I felted one accidentally and have lost my other one. So at the last minute I made it a little bigger and I love it. I tried to take a picture of me wearing it but they all look pretty silly. I think it would be best if I could get a picture of the back. Maybe next time I'm wearing it I'll try. In the meantime I already am using this everyday so I guess I really needed it!

In other news around here, the vet put Frankie on Prozac! I'm just not entirely surprised. He is my wacky boy that operates differently than the rest of the world. I'm not sure I like the idea of medicating him. If it changes his personality too much I'm taking him off it. This is just supposed to curb some of his less desirable behaviors (lifting his leg in the house) but I don't want to drug him. We'll see. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl which means we'll be watching the Puppy Bowl! Have fun all!


Would love to hear about Frankie's drug progress!