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January Socks Progress

The January Sock is moving along nicely. I've had some challenges with figuring out proportion but I assure you, that is entirely my fault and not the fault of the pattern. I've had to rip out great chunks of the sock five times. Five. That is a depressing number when most of those are due to my inability to learn.

The first rip was about mid-way through the sock foot. I realized these were going to be huge. This is a lace pattern which has a lot of stretch. There is nothing more annoying than a baggy, saggy sock so I couldn't keep going. I ripped it out, removed a pattern repeat on each side and started again. This made the foot the exact right width.

Foot length seems to be a greater challenge for me. This is a toe up pattern. I've knit toe up patterns before and never had a problem so why this one would be defeating me is a mystery. (This is an elegant toe up pattern by the way, if you don't like picking up stitches for the heel, you'll love this one.) For some reason I couldn't place where things were falling on the foot and the pattern directions weren't getting through my thick skull so I kept knitting clown feet. Over and over I knit a foot 11 or so inches long. It looked ridiculous and I should have seen it much sooner than I was. I did this FOUR times. Good grief.

I finally staggered through the heel stage of the sock and am working my way up the leg. I'm worried the leg will be too tight but I think I just need to hold on and have a little faith. I'd like to be a lot further on for these socks. The recipient likes a long leg so I really can't afford any more rips or I'll miss my first deadline. That will just be depressing.

Other than all that drama, I love the socks. This is one of those perfect marriages of the yarn and the pattern. I love, love, love it and it pleases me endlessly while I work on it. Thank goodness or I would have quit by now! As I work on these I keep thinking how much I love them and how cute they will be with jeans.

(It says a lot about the focus this sock is getting that I took the picture with a passed out puppy on his muddy blanket in the background. The puppy is cute but the blanket looks bad. Hey, I live in the very wet Pacific NorthWest and this time of year, most everything has a little mud on it. The washing machine always has a dog-oriented load in it. It is a challenge fitting my own laundry in between loads of blankets, rugs, towels, etc. Seriously, it is ALWAYS going!)