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January Conquored

I know I have non-knitting readers and I'm sorry this has been only knitting for the past few posts. December through February are heavy knitting months because so many birthdays fall in there. I'll simmer down in a few weeks and have non-knitting nonsense to share.

Finished the January socks after midnight on the 29th so I met my first deadline! I did end up shaping these a little. The foot was just too baggy as the pattern was written for me, my yarn, my needles, etc. I reduced the size of the foot but as soon as I hit the ankle I increased the pattern repeats to what the pattern calls for. When I wear a sock I like the foot to hug a little but I don't like the leg to hug too much. My legs get itchy when socks are too tight so I made these legs a little looser and gave them a nice ribbed top to help hold them up.

I think the recipient of these socks will love them and I can't wait to get them off this week. If I get them off Monday or Tuesday, the package will even get there in time for her birthday. That is some kind of miracle. I'm always late with birthdays.

I saw The King's Speech last weekend with Grandma and I loved it. Just like everyone else. But it is a really good movie so I'm not surprised to see so many people enjoying it. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. If you have seen it, you will appreciate this footage of the real King George speaking. Your heart just dies for him when you see him hesitate and close his eyes. But if you weren't too close to him and didn't know he stammered I think I would just think he was pausing to be solemn.