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Fingerless gloves

I've completed the convertible fingerless gloves which means I've now completed exactly one Christmas present. Whoops. However, at least that is one down. I liked this pattern. It knit up quickly, was easy to follow. I wish I had used slightly chunkier yarn. This yarn ended up knitting much finer than it looks like it would. I know I should have swatched. Shut up. I did take this to work and made a work buddy who is a little taller and bigger than my uncle (who is the recipient of these) try them on and they fit great. I like how masculine they look.

My uncle requested these last year when I mentioned them. He lives in England (cold) and lives in a small village that still has village hunts. He doesn't do the hunting. He is what they call a beater which means he flushes birds out of the brush. He specifically mentioned that fingerless gloves would be nice for that. I liked the convertible mitten tops because he can flip them over when he doesn't need his fingers and he is cold. Versatile.

I've completed one fiddlehead mitten, lining and all. the second one was a bit stalled because I ran out of the sand-colored yarn. Ran out of it right at the end of the tip of the thumb. I bet I don't even use 2 feet of the replacement skein. However, a nice neutral color like that will be used for a hat. Maybe even a matching hat for the mittens. I don't know.

These are for my aunt (also England) who has a horrendous commute into London from her charming village. I thought it would be nice to look down on these mittens while slogging through the commute. I'd like to make her a slouchy hat but since that is a nice-to-have and not a need-to-have I might wait to make it for her birthday which is February.

So I have two pairs of socks, a shrug, and another pair of fiddleheads that I'm supposed to complete. Since I refuse to do what I did last year (which was knit so hard and fast I gave myself tendonitis that took nearly a year to heal) I am formulating a great Plan B. Pictures when I have to implement. And I know I will have to implement I just want to see how far I'm going to get.

Fingers free for ear scratches. An important feature.


I'm going to do those convertable mittens! I tried knitting a pair, and because I started out making an adjustment to the pattern, was completely befuddled when I got to the thumb. Besides, BobCat is absolutley jealous of Saphire over getting mitten scritchies!

Your fiddlehead mittens are spectacular, especially with the surprise purple lining. Thumbs up to you (pun intended)!

Those look amazing. And I love the ear scratching. It looks like someone really appreciates it.

awww puppy. Ear scratches are a necessity.

Those fiddleheads are just gorgeous. I love the insides as well! (is that weird?)