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Then and Now

Many changes in the backyard this summer. All of them made me exceedingly happy. Lets begin with the shed. I hate the shed.

It was the view outside my bedroom window. Lovely.

It is too large for my backyard (what would ANYONE need to keep in there except lots of crap?) so it ended up being a focal point. An ugly, white, metal shed as the focal point. And because I refused to use it much it ended up being a safe haven for spiders. Big spiders. Spiders that often looked over at my house and decided to visit. *shudder*

I managed to talk someone into taking it. Now I just need to get rid of the concrete base it sat on. This will entail me renting a jackhammer. Stay tuned. This could be funny.

In the meantime it just makes me so happy to look out my window and see the pretty willow tree or to look over and see my spiffy new fence. I had that whole fence rebuilt which just looks fantastic. The old one was falling apart. Literally. Pieces of wood just falling down.

There also were the laurel bushes. The yard was completely dominated on two sides by laurel bushes (actually there were laurel bushes on all three sides but that stupid shed kept the third side from being dominated). They weren't bad looking bushes but they took up so much space and just looked so untidy. The research I did had laurel bushes as borders and trimmed into tidy shapes. What was growing in my yard did not resemble this in any way.

These have all been cleaned out. For much of the month I just enjoyed the bareness. I will be planting a hydrangea along the fence between the purple plum and the mystery plant..

Along the back fence, next to another bank of laurels was a big 'ole stump. A gigantic tree had fallen over at some point and the stump was still sitting catywumpus in the ground. It was way too big a job for just me. There were still roots in the ground and my ground is nearly solid clay so darn near impossible to dig these out. The dogs tried. I can't imagine a tree this big so close to my giant willow.

I actually put a dog toy in this picture for scale. The black and white thing is a tennis ball. This was a really big tree.

For more scale, here is a picture from last winter of the laurels along the fence. They are so big and overgrown they are actually hiding that gigantic stump on the right of this "hedge."

Here is that area today. Most of the laurels gone (don't ask me why the lawn guy left that last one. He works on very strange logic) and the stump is gone. I didn't know what kind of tree it was until it got cut up. The smell of pine is almost overwhelming. I'll bet it was a beautiful tree.

and the stump cut up and ready for the fireplace.

That is two out of three projects. I'll share the third project later this week. It will also be a picture heavy post so I'll pace myself.


I'll pay to see the jack hammer rental pics.