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All Within the Past 24 Hours

How I know the universe is conspiring to make me nuts:

Scenario 1 - I notice a credit to my bank account from my cell phone company. "That's odd," I thought. I tried to use my phone this afternoon only to be hijacked into my cell phone's customer service who asked what they could do for me today. "You tell me, I went to make a call and was sent here instead." She came back to tell me I owed them too much money. I would need to make a payment of...about the exact amount they just credited back to me. I told her this fact. She looked it up and confirmed she could see this had happened but still went on a schpeel about making a payment like I needed to be convinced to do this.. I had to interrupt her to point out again, they had the money and they gave it back. If I made another payment would they promise not to send it back and leave my cell service alone? You could tell she felt stupid but she couldn't make sense of what happened. Neither can I honey. Neither can I.

Scenario 2 - A rather nasty sounding letter from the cable company being very stern and threatening me that if I didn't immediately pay the amount of .00 then they would interrupt my service. I'm tempted to send a check.

Scenario 3 - I placed two separate orders with one yarn company in Canada (the orders were placed about two days apart). Each order was just a few skeins of yarn. Yesterday I had a card in my mailbox telling me I had to go to the post office to pick up one of the boxes. The other one was left at my door. *sigh*

UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot one of the best parts of Scenario 1. The customer service rep telling me that they tried to notify me that they were suspending service on my cell phone but the only number they had for me was the cell number. As soon as it came out of her mouth you could tell she felt stupid.


OMG! Does it get any worse!?! My WAMU stuff is being converted to Chase. I need to get to a bank and figure out what to do about one direct payment that I make; but for that I need another checking account. I want a CU account and they are only open when I'm working. It's all a very big bother. EEKK! Hope you have cable when you start knitting on that yarn.

Ugh, those kinds of service issues are infuriating. But it sounds like you have some new finery goodness to relive the stress!

Are you with Quest? They cut off my cell service because I was "past due" on my payment. And then we said together, "The past due date is next week." He immediately unlocked my account.