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September 28, 2009


It is hard enough getting out a post when working multiple jobs/projects but it is made more so when your laptop randomly shuts off. I think it is the virus software or the Microsoft automatic update. How can I get those to stop doing what they want to do when they want to do it? It is infuriating to be in the middle of something and they start popping up and insisting you restart RIGHT THEN and occasionally just restarting anyway. I hate them.

Rant over.

My random fridays post is overdue. Obviously, as it is past Friday. There is no use pretending I'm early for next Friday. I'm clearly overdue for a post in general. I apologize.

Beach. Friday evening was spent working as a last minute project came in and I had to finish it right away. The weekend was for helping Mom clean up for (hopefully) a move from her lovely little beach cottage at the Oregon Coast to a beautiful beach house that is bigger and better suited to our needs. I have diabolical plans to lure ST1 there to pick the brains of those lovely ladies for another project I'm working on. Not yarn related. However, the lure would most definitely involve yarn. In fact, I feel certain I could lure Steph with a little yarn trail. Tina would be trickier but I'm wily.

Money. I'm in love with mint.com. This is a free site where you only need to plug in a little information and it gives you back a budget. You can adjust the amounts of the budget but I love that it gives you a jumping off place right out of the gate. It also sends me weekly emails letting me know when I've either stayed on budget or gone over. And it gives me a heads up when the bank charges me for something quicker than the bank does. Imagine that.

The House at Sugar Beach. I just finished this book and I loved it. I knew very little about the founding of Liberia, its history and its coups in the 80s and 90s. The story was beautifully told and really gave a context so I understood what led to the coups and what has happened to the country as a result. Fascinating.

Baby Shane Blanket. Kay pointed this out and I'm madly in love with it. I may not survive waiting for my kit even though she has already shipped it. (Fantastic service btw). I'm deeply in love with this. I hate traditional baby things and it is perfection.

While on that site I also saw these. And now I have another project that I can't live without making. But these would be so perfect for my Aunt who lives in England and has a horrendous commute into London. Wouldn't it cheer you up while you were riding the tube/bus and looked down to see these?

I've never been that interested in making mittens like these before but now I have two that I simply must make! In addition to the Fiddlehead mittens, I saw these and knew I needed to have a pair of these for this winter. Never say never because what doesn't interest you one year may become your obsession the next year.

Oktoberfest. I hit the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest a couple of Saturdays ago. Amazing food and lots of little handcrafts. I went totally hoping to get a clock or something. I don't know why I had it in my head I was getting a clock. Please don't try to figure that out. Mt. Angel has an amazing church. Look at the painting in the church. And please excuse the phone pic. I was too shy to whip out a camera in a church even though they say it is OK.

The designs are so amazing. I don't know if it is bad that I'm getting home decorating ideas from a church. But who could blame me, right?

It is hard to see in this photo but there are little gold stars, different styles, in this blue part of the apex.

Moo Cards. Know what's fun? Moo cards. I ordered some when I moved to hand out my new address and I just updated them. Fantastic customer service and I love that I can use my own pictures for these.