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Coming Up For Air

Maybe I'm finally coming up for air. I was reluctant to share all the details with what I was involved in because I just didn't know how things were going to work out and I was so thrilled and honored that I just wanted to focus on what I needed to do and do the best possible job I could.

I was invited to be a teacher at Sock Summit '09. The jaw is still on the floor. Sock Summit just wrapped up. I can't even move off the couch. It was an amazing experience and an opportunity I will never forget. The teachers I was working with are the kind of women we all want to grow up to be. They aren't just good at knitting. They are good at everything.

I'm inspired way beyond knitting. I'm just inspired to do everything well and to explore more and more of the world around me.

I noticed yesterday that Sock Summit came up in Yahoo's top search terms. This should give muggles* (non-knitters) something to think about.

Notice the terms we come between. There is something very appropriate about that.

There is a lot to share about the summit. Especially the difficulties the brilliant women who whipped it together faced. I can't help but be interested in their story since I think it reflects the general experience of women in business. More later. When I can function and think and link.

*Thanks to Stephanie for bringing this term to our knitting culture. It SO fits.


Yippee! You're back, and have fun things to share. I was one of those people searching "Sock Summit."