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August 22, 2009

Knitting Catch Up

I realized that I didn't share a couple of projects that turned out nicely. Can't have that!

I knit another Noro Scarf for a friend who wanted it in more boy colors. So I went with colors I consider very Pacific Northwest. He says I got the colors right. I just love how it turned out.

I have been wanting to try a hemlock ring blanket and a co-worker is having a little girl so I lept at the chance to knit one for her. The pattern is fancy and I didn't really want a fancy blanket. So I tried to offset it with the bold, childish color choices.

This is left over Lion Brand Microspun which I hate to knit with but makes up a nice final product. The colors are periwinkle and gold. I love the colors and I love the pattern but I'm not a big fan of the two together.

I need to start thinking about Christmas. I'm really trying to save money and I'd love to be debt-free at some point so the strategizing must begin.

I'm leaning towards dishcloths. I have a friend who makes soap. Maybe we can swap goods.

August 21, 2009

Random Friday

I know, I've neglected you. I think in blog terms all the time because, inherently, I'm a writer. And I tend to craft my thoughts into writing form. Annoying. I should at least be able to get things down on "paper" if I'm going to think that way.

I will at least bring back Random Fridays. Since my life seems pretty random anyway.

I was looking over some old posts (some of them are pretty funny. <back patting>) and this one really struck a chord with me. No pun intended. It was just a meme but I had a lot of fun with it and as I look over the answers I think they are still valid. I don't have my iPod with me today so I can't do this again but I like these answers. I think they actually work. It is a fun meme. If anyone is still reading this, consider yourself tagged.

I'm working my way through Torchwood Season 2. What a fun show. I am enjoying it so much and I'm really disappointed that I don't have a bunch more seasons to go through. How come great British shows don't seem to last? The actors all start leaving in droves after one or two seasons. I don't know if it is because the BBC doesn't want to pay them well or if they feel like they should leave for bigger markets. MI5 (called Spooks in the UK) did this but I didn't see the actors in Hollywood so I wasn't sure why they left.

I've been working hard to finish my Fitted Cardigan (or as I've come to think of it, the Everyday Cardigan. #241 on the linked page) because it will be a really practical cardi that I can get much use out of. However, I hate knitting sweaters for myself. I'm not a big fan of adult sweaters in general. They are a bit past my attention span and my sweaters especially. I'm very tall, long arms, broad shoulders, big rack, big bottom, etc. It is a.lot.of.knitting. But I want this one. So I keep working on it. I'll tell you what though, I'm slogging through a sleeve right now and I'm not sure there is enough Torchwood on the planet to get me through it. Curse you Torchwood for being a newish series!

I made the BEST batch of strawberry jam last month. It was a little late in our strawberry season. But this is why I adore living in Oregon and especially in an area that is still relatively rural. I just pulled over to the side of the road one Saturday and bought a flat. They were really ripe. As I was cutting off the tops they were squishing in my hands so they weren't even going to last another day. And the color was such a rich red it looked fake. But I thought the flavor was probably maxed so I cut the jam's sugar in half and it turned out to be the best batch I have ever produced. Jam is a gloriously easy project. A lot of bang for the buck. The most work is sitting in front of the TV and cutting off the tops (or pitting if cherries). Otherwise it is boiling and spooning. Love it!

see how saturated the color of the strawberries is

I found SCRAP in Portland. I think this is old news for other Portlanders but I had not heard of this before I and shall make this a regular stop for my crafting needs and donations. First thing they are getting from me this weekend is a boatload of yarn. This is a bunch of Bernat I bought at a Ben Franklin that was going out of business. Bernat is a pretty good acrylic actually. And the colors are great. But I've just admitted to myself I will not get to that afghan in this lifetime. I already have two afghans in progress that I'm more interested in. Someone else can use and love this yarn. At the Sock Summit Luminary Panel someone brought up the lack of diversity in the attendees. And I thought that was a really interesting point to bring up. If we feel knitting is a valuable part of our lives and enriches it then it makes sense to share that with others. Especially a socio-economic group that may not have the disposable income I have for yarn and needles, etc.. So SCRAP feels like a really positive step in that direction. Do something fun, create something useful. They offer classes so I thought I would explore what they have and see if I can bring anything new to their curriculum.

I have a shocking lack of pictures to share. I've been taking them, and downloading them and then not doing anything else. Maybe this weekend we'll get a picture catch-up.

August 10, 2009

Coming Up For Air

Maybe I'm finally coming up for air. I was reluctant to share all the details with what I was involved in because I just didn't know how things were going to work out and I was so thrilled and honored that I just wanted to focus on what I needed to do and do the best possible job I could.

I was invited to be a teacher at Sock Summit '09. The jaw is still on the floor. Sock Summit just wrapped up. I can't even move off the couch. It was an amazing experience and an opportunity I will never forget. The teachers I was working with are the kind of women we all want to grow up to be. They aren't just good at knitting. They are good at everything.

I'm inspired way beyond knitting. I'm just inspired to do everything well and to explore more and more of the world around me.

I noticed yesterday that Sock Summit came up in Yahoo's top search terms. This should give muggles* (non-knitters) something to think about.

Notice the terms we come between. There is something very appropriate about that.

There is a lot to share about the summit. Especially the difficulties the brilliant women who whipped it together faced. I can't help but be interested in their story since I think it reflects the general experience of women in business. More later. When I can function and think and link.

*Thanks to Stephanie for bringing this term to our knitting culture. It SO fits.