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If it is good enough for Gitmo...

Hey! It's official, dieting is torture! Next time you want to beat yourself up over not staying on your diet, just remember that it is not a natural, or in anyway comfortable, state.


This is also a really interesting study that is independent of any weight-loss businesses or "organizations." If you have ever dieted, you should read this post. You will likely re-evaluate what is healthy for your body.



I begin each with intentions to follow my Weight Watchers point allotment, and get to 3 or 4 PM when hell breaks loose.

How did you find this links?

i am a large woman..i was raised on the whole eat less to lose weight thing. its hard for me to wrap my head around the whole eat more helps metabolism work better.

because of the redicule of "overeating fat people" i have a problem feeling comfortable even eating a normal meal in public without thinking "what are people thinking about me eating??"