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I have needs!

It has been a couple of years since I've done this. It is pretty funny. You put your name and "needs" into the search engine and see what the intranets think you need. Mine were pretty accurate.

  1. Laurie needs to read the CBE Certification.
  2. Laurie needs a crash helmet.
  3. Laurie needs help.
  4. Laurie needs to lose weight.
  5. Laurie needs flight school.
  6. Laurie needs a haircut.
  7. Laurie needs in on this.
  8. Laurie needs her days off, too.
  9. Laurie needs to update more often.
  10. Laurie needs no introduction.
I do need a crash helmet and help!



Happy Birthday!

What is the CBE certification and why do you need to read it? Sure I could google this but I'd rather be "needy!"