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Requisite New Year Stuff

Happy New Year! The travel is over (thank goodness), the vacation is over (awww) and now it is time to get things back into a productive pattern.

I don't make resolutions on New Years. It just isn't a time that makes me think, "what will I do differently?" That is something I tend to do on my birthday. However, for about the past three months I've been thinking seriously about what I would like to do differently. What did not work for me in 2008 that I would like to change in 2009?

I've not given this the serious attention it deserves. I eat pretty healthy but I am not as active as I would like to be. I sit in a cubicle for a living and only have short bursts of activity which results in injury and a lot of discomfort (you just don't weed your entire yard, plant bulbs, and prune all the rose bushes in one day after a week of sitting still and not feel it!). I'd like to ride my bike more so I'm going to find a safe path to work for the bike riding. There are a couple big, busy streets to conquer.

Enjoy it more. Stop seeing it as only a project. Have people over more often.

Stop putting all my eggs in one basket. The place that provides my paycheck is not the end all/be all. They do not give me back what I put into it so I need to redirect some of my energy towards my overall career. Get involved with more industry projects and publish more!

Just do things well
If I'm going to do something, do it well. Put some effort and time into it. Stop putting all my energy into the job. It doesn't pay me enough to hire a gardner or a maid or a cook. So I need to take some time back and take care of myself.

For six months (not consecutive), I will not buy anything other than essentials (food, meds, gas, bills). I think I can redo my kitchen with the money I save.

Live by the budget
I have a budget but I want to sit down, review where it can be improved, get a better handle on the entire budget (I should be able to tell you what my expenses are off the top of my head) and just own the money coming in and out of this family. I want to take charge.



I made a goal to not buy anything frivilous for a year. Know what I found out? I don't need much. I have enough clothes...and man is there a lot of yarn that needs knitting. Buying less has a strange benefit: I found that I got out of the habit of needing things.