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We don't do well with snow here. We get it so infrequently that the city pretty much shuts down. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it means a


I still had to work but I got to stay in sweats and it just felt more festive. Of course, one day is enough. I actually really don't like working from home and the novelty quickly wears thin .

Fingers crossed that the gigantic storm coming in later in the week won't leave me house-bound for multiple days.

Oh, and can I just say that wind chill sucks? WTF? 7 degrees? It is insane.


You got SOOO much more snow than we did in NoPo!! It's pretty!! Maybe because of the wind which never stopped blowing we only about about an inch of accumulation.

When I moved back to MT after spending several years in NM I expected a snow day after the first snow storm. Boy was I disappointed that MT doesn't close down the way that places which are unused to snow do.

And I should have specified, this photo was taken about 1pm so we had more snow the second half of the day. The snow fall was pretty constant all day. Some times it was heavier than others but it didn't let up until about 5pm.

You have your holiday card picture, from your front stoop.

Enjoy, stay warm.