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Multi-Directionals with The Gap

Over Thanksgiving someone dragged me into the Gap. Right on the front table I saw this scarf.

It caught my attention because it is a multi-directional scarf like I have made a thousand times. Except the ones I was looking at were horrendous materials and quality. Truly ghastly. And it was priced at around $40 (who is always trying to tell us we can buy things cheaper than we can knit them?). Mine would cost about the same for the materials but I'm using a hand-dyed Japanese wool that is beautiful and beautifully made.

The topper is when you look at their website they have it listed as a crocheted scarf when it is actually a garter stitch scarf. Whatevs Gap.


That’s funny. My coworker has that scarf and I was like “I can knit that!” I just got a brief look at it so I wasn’t sure how it was made, but now I can see it’s just a multidirectional scarf. I’m so going to make one.

That's okay. Their chunky knit beanie? It's crocheted. At least, the brim is.