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December 18, 2008

Bye Bye Bettie

I can't really let the passing of Bettie Page go unmarked. I was very lucky to have met her a few years ago. She didn't go out in public often and only let her photograph be taken once in 50 years after she retired. She was giving an online interview at the online cityguide I worked at. I had volunteered to act as a typist to capture her responses to people's questions. Of course that interview is long gone from the site because no one has preserved their editorial content (short-sighted dot coms!) but I enjoyed myself so much with her.

She was frank to a point of making me giggle and earthy but still very lady-like. She was gorgeous. That black hair was now silver but it was the same style and looked fantastic. I could have hung out and gabbed with her for hours. She was so cool. She complained about the unauthorized biographies written about her and she was such an honest person I can't believe she would hide anything from anyone. So if you want to read a biography, read hers.

Folks talk a lot about her breaking barriers and starting the sexual revolution. But the truth is, she didn't start out wanting to take those photos. Her story really illustrates the lack of protection in the workplace and especially little to no protection for working women. She would be hired by a photographer for a regular modeling shoot and then would be required to pose for the racier photos or she wouldn't get paid for the job at all.

At some point she started to take control of that part of her career and it speaks to her creativity and talent that she directed many of the photos and designed and made her costumes.

This is her official site and there is a really nice obit that proves how interesting and innovative she was.

A very cool lady and I really enjoyed meeting her. I don't say that often about famous people I've met (I think I've only said it about James Garner, Alan Alda, Danny DeVito, and Elizabeth Ashley).

December 15, 2008


We don't do well with snow here. We get it so infrequently that the city pretty much shuts down. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it means a


I still had to work but I got to stay in sweats and it just felt more festive. Of course, one day is enough. I actually really don't like working from home and the novelty quickly wears thin .

Fingers crossed that the gigantic storm coming in later in the week won't leave me house-bound for multiple days.

Oh, and can I just say that wind chill sucks? WTF? 7 degrees? It is insane.

December 09, 2008

Link-happy holiday gift inspiration

Busy busy busy. It has been one of those years with lots of house expenses, vet bills, mechanic bills...you name it. So Christmas is frugal. Which is fine. No one in my family needs anything (when one of your biggest problems is storing your stuff, you don't need more stuff!) and my friends and I happily refrain from gifts. We try to do something together instead.

As a result, I'm making every gift I give this year. And I've already had some trial and error experience I figured I could share her. There is still some time for someone to learn from my mistakes. This is my learning curve at this point.

Knitting. Sticking with practical and useful. I'm not spending enough time on these and see some late nights and unfinished projects in my future.

Some different versions of this scarf. I made one for myself out of Noro in my stash and love it. I love it so much. I'll get a picture of it for the next post. Because I love it. Have I mentioned that yet?

I'm playing around with some fingerless mitts. right now I'm trying the pattern from Weekend Knitting. I don't have complete faith that these will be big enough for the recipient who works in a basement home office that gets really cold in the winter. Here's hoping I don't go down the wrong path for long.

Socks. Mom and Grandma always only want socks. Don't know which patterns yet. Something lacy for Mom since she is in Arizona and something dark and pretty for Grandma.

Sewing. I was doomed to fall into this. I come from a long line of champion sewers. And Amy Butler is an evil woman. I fell for some of her patterns and really think they would be great gifts for some of the family members. Plus I have some beautiful fabric from gifts I was going to make last year. The only things that could spoil these projects are lack of time and the fact that I have very little sewing experience. Almost none. Pretty much limited to Home Ec *cough* 25 *cough* years ago. Curse you Amy Butler! I want all of her fabric too. Actually, I think I want her career...

I'm also baking gifts. I couldn't resist when I found some delicious and easy-sounding recipes at the site that is my new obsession.

Peppermint Bark - I love this stuff and I love what I did to the recipes. I did two versions. Dark chocolate (yum with the peppermint) and vanilla (double yum with the peppermint). Double the candy canes this recipe called for and press them into the chocolate when you sprinkle it on top. Otherwise you go to break it up and the peppermint just falls off.

Rocky Road Candy - oh.my.gawd. this is good. I don't think I have ever bought a bag of marshmallows before but this may be a new addiction. I'm making a second batch. I used peanuts instead of walnuts (I like peanuts better than walnuts) and will probably use more than two cups and I think I will half the marshmallows. Making a kind of hot fudge sundae candy. Very very gift-worthy. Make em big and individually wrap them.

Chocolate Frito Candy - It sounded so...um...interesting, I just had to try it. And it is awesome. Very very good. Kind of fudgy but very rich so I've cut the pieces small and just bagged a few for each gift bag.

Spiced Nuts - seemed like a nice change from all the candy and these are really good. Because they taste pretty strong I just put a small helping in baggies for each gift bag. And by the way, shelled pistachios are $10 a pound! Good gravy!

Microwave Peanut Brittle - I haven't made this yet. Sounds good though. And now I have a ton of peanuts I have to use up (they are NOT $10 a pound).

Really, all this work comes down to giving the gift of time. I've given way too much time and energy to work this year and I just wanted to give something that says I thought of you.


December 03, 2008

Multi-Directionals with The Gap

Over Thanksgiving someone dragged me into the Gap. Right on the front table I saw this scarf.

It caught my attention because it is a multi-directional scarf like I have made a thousand times. Except the ones I was looking at were horrendous materials and quality. Truly ghastly. And it was priced at around $40 (who is always trying to tell us we can buy things cheaper than we can knit them?). Mine would cost about the same for the materials but I'm using a hand-dyed Japanese wool that is beautiful and beautifully made.

The topper is when you look at their website they have it listed as a crocheted scarf when it is actually a garter stitch scarf. Whatevs Gap.

Same Subject, More Humor

Good stuff. Thank you large number of stars for perspective and poking fun at the other side.

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