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Just Because I Am Not Married, Doesn't Mean I Don't Believe In Love

Beautifully beautifully put. There are some voice wobbles that made me mist immediately. But his message should be spread as far and as wide as possible.

I would encourage anyone on the other side of the fence to watch this. He makes good points that should be considered. This has too large an impact on lives not to be carefully thought through.

That being said, my own little rant:

If the Donald Trumps of the world continue to have their marriages sanctified, when he CLEARLY does not value them as a union of love (timing his divorce to take the best advantage of the prenup), then why in the world would we deny marriage to others? If what he did to his first and second wives did not impact anyone else's marriage, why would two people of the same sex impact that marriage now?

It is supposed to be about love and commitment, not sex. If it was about sex then most of us would be married at about 16. Yikes!

And if we give same sex unions all the same legal rights, then the only thing we are protecting are the ceremonies. Why wouldn't we let people have the ceremony they want?