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November 11, 2008

Just Because I Am Not Married, Doesn't Mean I Don't Believe In Love

Beautifully beautifully put. There are some voice wobbles that made me mist immediately. But his message should be spread as far and as wide as possible.

I would encourage anyone on the other side of the fence to watch this. He makes good points that should be considered. This has too large an impact on lives not to be carefully thought through.

That being said, my own little rant:

If the Donald Trumps of the world continue to have their marriages sanctified, when he CLEARLY does not value them as a union of love (timing his divorce to take the best advantage of the prenup), then why in the world would we deny marriage to others? If what he did to his first and second wives did not impact anyone else's marriage, why would two people of the same sex impact that marriage now?

It is supposed to be about love and commitment, not sex. If it was about sex then most of us would be married at about 16. Yikes!

And if we give same sex unions all the same legal rights, then the only thing we are protecting are the ceremonies. Why wouldn't we let people have the ceremony they want?

November 04, 2008

There is no sleep for me tonight!

There were a lot of fun parties to go to tonight but I knew I couldn't be in public. I was either going to experience such crushing disappointment that I wouldn't be able to function or I was going to experience overwhelming joy and pride.

And I was right. I'm so excited and happy and I've been crying and crying. Every time they show our new president and I see the bright, thoughtful, gentle man he is and who I'm so proud to have represent us and then every story someone shares of what this historic election means to them makes me just lose it. Flat out bawling. I'm pathetic.

I know I'm happy because I can't wait to see what the candidate will do in office. I believe the qualities and talent is there for a great leader. But it is hard not to be excited and happy that we broke a barrier. Such a lousy, mean, stupid, and unfair barrier. What else can we accomplish?

And doggonit if they don't stop showing people crying I'm never gonna stop!

Yegads. I am hopeful for the first time in years. And I feel like we can look the rest of the world in the eye now.

November 01, 2008

Greater Good

Juno put this so well, I just had to ask her if I could quote her:

I believe economic self-interest is the worst possible ground to make policy from, second only to vanity. 
I believe the greater good IS the common good, that creating policy that protects and benefits those who have the least makes a world that benefits us all. 
I know we have a responsibility as human beings to follow our own ethics in our own lives, and an obligation to protect the right of every other person to do the same.
I believe government, at some level, should be a service provider.  Not a business entity.

I think this should be a mantra for us all. I know that I forget this at times and being reminded that the greater good acutally benefits us all is important.

I'll expand later when I'm not entertaining the grandparents for the weekend.