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September 30, 2008


I've sacrificed some blog time for getting some serious work on the house done. And it has paid off! It took me a year, but there are finally no more moving boxes in the living room. Now, in all fairness, I've always had a bookcase wall for the books so I needed something here for all the books and my old Ikea bookcases didn't quite make the move. I had to come up with something myself and I wanted as little bookcase impact on the room as possible. Hence the old-school shelves. Kind of vintage looking which is appropriate as I'm kind of vintage.

I feel like I finally have my room back. With an emphasis on mine. Since I moved to Oregon five years ago I've lived in someone else's home and then in an apartment without my "stuff" so this has been wonderful to find all my old treasures again.

And find my crap. It is much easier to tell what my treasures are and what my crap is after I haven't seen it for four years which makes it easier to get rid of the crap. And I have. By the carload. It is a liberating feeling!

The rest of this post will just be random images of what has happened to me over September:

Brunch potluck with friends to get rid of some knitting/cooking/home improvement books. A ton of fun and I got the left overs!

Tried to make ableskivers one Saturday morning and it didn't go so well. I think I let the pan get too hot before I put the batter in so this is what the first batch looked like.

The pan is not easy to clean and dry and try again so I set this aside to let it cool completely and made pancakes from the rest of the abelskiver batter. I consoled myself by topping the pancakes with some of the cherry jam I made last year. Yum!

As I was sorting out what would be on my book shelves and what would go, I cleaned out a number of cardboard magazine holders. In the middle of this I jumped up to turn on the sprinklers in the front yard. I was outside for about 2 minutes and when I came back all the magazine holders had been turned into this:

Every single one of them was destroyed. There were five.

So lets leave with a peaceful image. Morning sun in my living room. This is why I'm happy to have it back so I can enjoy this.

September 06, 2008

So Much Entertainment in One Post!

I've been diverted by some great websites lately. I thought I would share the wealth:

Cake Wrecks - completely addicting and may not be appropriate for work, only because you will hoot with laughter out loud. Content is very work-friendly. However, it does touch on something I thought I was the only one seeing. What is it with cake decorators and the quotation marks?

Apostrophe Abuse - my geeky side is revealed. I found this while searching desperately for the "Student's for McCain" pens. (Oh please oh please let me get one of those pens with the punctuation error!) I am by no means an advanced grammarian. But even my elementary school education is offended by the apparent amnesia everyone suffers as soon as they leave school. This is a pet peeve of mine and happens frequently. By professionals who should know better! So I really enjoy this site's humor. Finally, someone agrees with me. And has photographic proof!

It's Lovely! I'll Take It! Another great one that gets pretty consistent giggling and the occasional hoot out loud that startles the dogs. I found this one so addicting I sat down and went through the entire site archive. Mesmerizing. And if this is any indication of how houses are being marketed, no wonder nothing is selling!

The Sneeze. The tree brain is back! You should read the entire tree brain archive. And then read Steve Don't Eat That. Funny funny site!

Passive Aggressive Notes. This is a little like a car wreck or accidentally overhearing someone's private conversation. You know it would be better if you looked away but you just can't. I think this has cured me of ever leaving any passive aggressive notes of my own.

Just so the post isn't all text I'll include some cute dog pictures.

Daisy curls up very strangely on the couch to sleep. Most of the time she adores it when I sit on the edge of the couch and use the laptop on the footstool because then she can wedge herself behind me. I've tried to take pictures of it but you can imagine how they end up looking. So here is one where she "curled" up next to me and then slept so soundly her mouth was hanging open.

I had a few of these cardboard poster tubes in the living room as I weeded through things that have been in storage for a while. Frankie found one and it entertained him for WEEKS! He loved carrying it around, tossing it, and best of all he loved slowly tearing it apart. Here he is having a great time and Daisy looking on jealously. She enjoyed the tubes too.