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It always comes back to poo

Just making sure everyone has seen this story. Fear and intimidation. And we think we are so superior to other countries but the same shenanigans go on here. I can't believe influencing an election like this isn't against some law somewhere.

On a different note...

It always feels great when I solve a little home decorating challenge. There are many in this house so brace yourself for details when I finally figure them out.

This one is the kitchen window. I have a nice, big kitchen window but there is a bit of a privacy issue with the neighbors. Their yard is higher than mine so from some angles they can see right into the house. I don't think they can see right into the house easily so I thought there was probably a solution other than blinds. I really wanted to keep the light and visibility I have of hoodlum greyhound pups playing out in the backyard.

Last weekend at the wonderful Astoria Sunday Market I picked these up:

Difficult to photograph, this doesn't do them justice. I have a few sprigs of lavender and Queen Anne's lace in each of them. They provide some barrier to the view in but I get to see out and enjoy the pretty glass. Some of what I like best about the glass is what they say.

Rawleigh's. Looks like it was for salves and ointments and it looks like you can still buy some! It has nice square, beveled corners. The vendor who I bought these from made fabulous designs with the wire around the neck of the bottle. The childish loopy wire you see with beads is what I made so they would hang lower. But it works.

A slightly darker bottle to hang in the center of the window. I thought a darker bottle wouldn't have to compete with the metal from the windows. This one is also square (I like the squared glass) and says "Paine's Celery Compound." It apparently cured rheumatism.

My favorite. The Milk of Magnesia bottle. It goes with the poo theme we have going on here at Casa de Galgos Locos.

So I wasn't able to go a post without mentioning poo. Here, I'll try to leave you with a better visual. Summer roses.


Ugh. Yet another reason for me to hate Wal-Mart.

The bottles are lovely, though!