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Just little snippets to catch up.

Suki has been living with me for nearly a year now. This little gal was a little rough around the edges but she is really growing into her role of a full-fledged, happy house cat. She is very affectionate. She will be sitting next to me on the couch half asleep and she will just reach out to rest her paw on my arm or leg. She just wants to touch. She doesn't approve of the dogs when they get rambunctious but then, neither do I.

Have I mentioned that Frankie and Daisy are puppies? Constant movement. The chew-on-each-other game is a big hit. They are at this almost non-stop.

I haven't shared a really cute picture of Daisy yet. Frankie may have been perceived as the special needs dog when I adopted him. He has only one eye and a terrible scar on his side. He is also a spooky dog but Daisy is a true spook. So Daisy has really had the most adjustment to make and has been the most work for me. But she is really starting to bond with me and I see her happier and happier about being in a home.

Frankie is perfectly at home. In fact, he persists in decorating. Just a few scenes I have come upon.

My roses are starting to bloom. I enjoyed them so much last year that this year I dug up some random shrubs and replaced them with more rose bushes. Six in all. And I think I'll do even more. I mean, look at what I get to just fetch from my front yard every week.

I wish I could share the smell. These are highly aromatic. Heaven.