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Friday Rants - Having Fun

We loves Joy Nash. She is a smart cookie.


This is an interesting article. I'm shocked that it is only coming into the courts now.

The Department of Treasury's argument against is so weak, they should be embarrassed they even put it out there. "...the blind can function adequately using credit cards or electronic scanners that identify different bills, and by relying on help from others."

And the court's response is brilliant! “The Secretary’s argument is analogous to contending that merely because the mobility impaired may be able either to rely on the assistance of strangers or to crawl on all fours in navigating architectural obstacles . . . they are not denied meaningful access to public buildings,”


To the dude coughing in the conference room in front of me:

People who are sick should stay home! Especially when you work for a company who happily support telecommuniting. (and by the way, he was just on a conference call. Something he could do from anywhere)

You don't know who is immunocompromised around you. What just slows you down, could be much more serious to someone else.

And even if it just slows me down, I'm pissed off that it is your fault. Thoughtless bastard.


Just love, love, loved Joy. I don't exercise and I eat poorly so I know I'm not qualified to be a happy, sassy fat woman but I can understand how someone can be. Maybe if I had large bosoms and a waist but neither are my genetic make up I could qualify. If it makes any difference, I don't think of you as striving for fat and sassy. You're tall and proportioned; of course a six foot person (not just woman) should be bigger than the average 5'4" one. Just sharing and talking about stuff. I still need to read the article on money for the blind. Was it the one where there was reference to the "crippled" crawling into buildings would satisfy ADA?