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Can you sell "vintage" film on eBay?

We have had some warm weather finally and the plants are lovin' it! Just in the last two days I've had these beauties pop up:



These were a surprise since there seemed to be no buds. One day there was only leaves, the next, I have color!

With Father's Day and summer holidays I've been hanging out with grandparents a lot. I took Grandpa out to the cabin a few weekends ago. As usual, he had a cooler with some food. Now you have to understand, my Grandfather loves the cooler. He has this tremendous faith in them. The rest of us refuse to eat anything he is keeping in there because he never puts ice in them with the food!

You can't convince him to do it any different. I just pretend like I'm making his meals from food he is storing in there but I'm quietly disposing of it. Grandpa has never really understood refrigeration. I've always found food that is supposed to be refrigerated in his cupboards (jams, apple sauce) and stuff that didn't need to be in the cold in the fridge. Like his film

Yep, his film. For as long as I've known Grandpa he has kept film in the fridge. When I was a kid, it didn't seem like a big deal because I think he was using it. About 10 years ago we realized this was the same film. About 5 years ago I took a good look at it finally and realized it was film for cameras we don't even have anymore. I don't think you can get the film processed anymore. Anyone still using their Instamatic? Remember the flash? It was big and square and turned after it popped the blinding, white light.

This last trip, I took a peek in the cooler and sure enough...

He does not have a camera that can use this film. And I'm not sure the cooler can add this much life to film.



I think my spice shelf is about the same.

After 30 years, I'm sure someone is collecting the film for their odd but slightly interesting collection. What the heck, eBay it!

Pkin also has issues, I mean differences of opinion on what needs to be refrigerated. He also believes that nothing in a can ever, ever goes bad.