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June 30, 2008

Can you sell "vintage" film on eBay?

We have had some warm weather finally and the plants are lovin' it! Just in the last two days I've had these beauties pop up:



These were a surprise since there seemed to be no buds. One day there was only leaves, the next, I have color!

With Father's Day and summer holidays I've been hanging out with grandparents a lot. I took Grandpa out to the cabin a few weekends ago. As usual, he had a cooler with some food. Now you have to understand, my Grandfather loves the cooler. He has this tremendous faith in them. The rest of us refuse to eat anything he is keeping in there because he never puts ice in them with the food!

You can't convince him to do it any different. I just pretend like I'm making his meals from food he is storing in there but I'm quietly disposing of it. Grandpa has never really understood refrigeration. I've always found food that is supposed to be refrigerated in his cupboards (jams, apple sauce) and stuff that didn't need to be in the cold in the fridge. Like his film

Yep, his film. For as long as I've known Grandpa he has kept film in the fridge. When I was a kid, it didn't seem like a big deal because I think he was using it. About 10 years ago we realized this was the same film. About 5 years ago I took a good look at it finally and realized it was film for cameras we don't even have anymore. I don't think you can get the film processed anymore. Anyone still using their Instamatic? Remember the flash? It was big and square and turned after it popped the blinding, white light.

This last trip, I took a peek in the cooler and sure enough...

He does not have a camera that can use this film. And I'm not sure the cooler can add this much life to film.


June 25, 2008


Just little snippets to catch up.

Suki has been living with me for nearly a year now. This little gal was a little rough around the edges but she is really growing into her role of a full-fledged, happy house cat. She is very affectionate. She will be sitting next to me on the couch half asleep and she will just reach out to rest her paw on my arm or leg. She just wants to touch. She doesn't approve of the dogs when they get rambunctious but then, neither do I.

Have I mentioned that Frankie and Daisy are puppies? Constant movement. The chew-on-each-other game is a big hit. They are at this almost non-stop.

I haven't shared a really cute picture of Daisy yet. Frankie may have been perceived as the special needs dog when I adopted him. He has only one eye and a terrible scar on his side. He is also a spooky dog but Daisy is a true spook. So Daisy has really had the most adjustment to make and has been the most work for me. But she is really starting to bond with me and I see her happier and happier about being in a home.

Frankie is perfectly at home. In fact, he persists in decorating. Just a few scenes I have come upon.

My roses are starting to bloom. I enjoyed them so much last year that this year I dug up some random shrubs and replaced them with more rose bushes. Six in all. And I think I'll do even more. I mean, look at what I get to just fetch from my front yard every week.

I wish I could share the smell. These are highly aromatic. Heaven.

June 20, 2008

Friday Rants - Having Fun

We loves Joy Nash. She is a smart cookie.


This is an interesting article. I'm shocked that it is only coming into the courts now.

The Department of Treasury's argument against is so weak, they should be embarrassed they even put it out there. "...the blind can function adequately using credit cards or electronic scanners that identify different bills, and by relying on help from others."

And the court's response is brilliant! “The Secretary’s argument is analogous to contending that merely because the mobility impaired may be able either to rely on the assistance of strangers or to crawl on all fours in navigating architectural obstacles . . . they are not denied meaningful access to public buildings,”


To the dude coughing in the conference room in front of me:

People who are sick should stay home! Especially when you work for a company who happily support telecommuniting. (and by the way, he was just on a conference call. Something he could do from anywhere)

You don't know who is immunocompromised around you. What just slows you down, could be much more serious to someone else.

And even if it just slows me down, I'm pissed off that it is your fault. Thoughtless bastard.

June 06, 2008

Instead of eHarmony...


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

If I had stockings, and they had seams, I'm sure they would often be crooked. I'm actually surprised I even got this high. Or maybe not. I tend to want to please so if I lived in the 30s and didn't know any different, I probably would shun red nail polish, I would never make breakfast in my pajamas, and I would make sure my aprons were clean and mended.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Hey! Good to know my traits are appreciated somewhere. I never write on the tablecloth and I never spit in public. So I just need to find me a wife. Cool.