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Showing off the plant life

I do love living in Oregon. And this yard has been fun because everything is still new to me. This Spring I had crocus, and so many daffodil it looked like a hedge. Now the tulips have started coming up. I don't know what is planted so it is all a wonderful surprise.

I can't believe I just casually cut these from my front yard (under my cherry tree).

Can you believe I get to live with this and we are expecting snow tonight? But Oregon snow is pretty tame. It isn't very cold right now and it will just probably be snow as it comes down and nothing will stick.

And I planted a blueberry bush today. Fast growing with large sweet berries. Have I mentioned I love living in Oregon?

Frankie is having no problem making himself at home.

And I've been trying to get a picture of Daisy smiling. She is a grinner.

They both crawled into bed with me last night. You just don't realize how big greyhounds are until they start hogging the bed.