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Insert Clever Title Here

This has been an interesting week. Some new family members have moved in...

This is Frankie and Daisy. Mom was fostering Frankie and had decided he needed to come live with me. Then his sister Daisy needed to be fostered so Mom stepped up and Frankie and Daisy just had instant recognition and bonding. They were litter mates and they are still great pals. I knew I just couldn't split them up so I went ahead and adopted both.

It is very different living with two young dogs after Sapphire and Argus. Argus is 14 and Sapphire is 12. Argus has gotten terribly crippled with arthritis this last year and the vet and I have had quite a few "quality of life" conversations. It is terrible. But we have to let them go at some point and I just hope I do it at the right point. I'm not sure Argus will be able to let me know when it is time.

Sapphire is doing much better. In fact, she is the one playing with Frankie and Daisy in the video. She wants to keep up but since she is about 10 years older than F and D, she can't quite do it.

I've wrapped up some big projects at work which hopefully means I can get my personal life back. I didn't really expect work to take over like that since I don't often let that happen. I don't believe in letting work run my life but this crept up on me.

It probably didn't hurt that this work project popped up right when I was breaking up with the man I was seeing. I knew the relationship probably wasn't going to move to the next level but I liked him and I liked hanging out with him. I'm disappointed it didn't pan out. And work was a convenient distraction.

I'll tell you a horrible irony. I can't afford to do all this work! Not having any personal time means I eat out more, don't have time to shop "smart", fall behind in paying bills, and drive everywhere when I get time rather than consolidate my trips. Plus I haven't had time to get my car tuned up which hits the gas mileage which results in bucks. Ugh.

I have so many projects on hold I'm actually kind of overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin.

Think I'll play with the dogs instead. Right after I clean up what greeted me when I came home from work today.



Didn't get to see the puppies yet -- will do at home where it's PC-save. Did identify with the puppy remnants in your final pic. It's a stage, hope it goes quickly and with little cost.

Love and kisses!

the puppies are adorable and so FAST!

I'm sorry about the boy thing.