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Perhaps it is time I called people rather than blog

Violence is devastating and leaves fear, grief, and anger in its wake. But what is the psychological phenomenon that makes people dissociate from the human pain? Is there less empathy today because we have so much access to tragedy via media?

What made these people want to record the moment? Look at the people in the background. Every single person is holding a camera and taking a picture. I'm not criticism or saying they are horrible people. I think this is related to the public hanging displays and car wreck syndrome. We can't look away. And now we are all holding the means to record it.

Do we feel more alive when we realize that "it could have been us?" Is that how we realize that life is precious? And do the cameras prevent us from this necessary brush with death? Do they remove us from the human drama?

I don't have a single answer. I just keep looking at that picture trying to figure out if I've let media get between me an my fellow man too.