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Multiple chevrons

Quick! Catch up.

We've had a little weather. Just a little. The day we were supposed to have freezing rain we could only come up with this:

Some little itty bitty icicles. Not enough for drama. I did manage to do a little slide into an intersection. But I managed to turn into it so it was more like I ran a stop sign than anything.

I found a whole KAL for the chevron scarf I've been knitting. Which is when I found out I probably don't have enough yarn. So I found another lone skein I've been saving because it is pretty and it has similar properties. But I couldn't quite bring myself to rip it all out (for some reason this thing is taking forever and it hurts my hands).

However, when I got ambitious and gathered a portion of my sock yarn to wind (yes, just a portion, have I ever acted like I didn't have a problem?),

I thought I might try using some skeins I've been hoarding here just because they are beautiful. I couldn't bring myself to put them on my feet (I'm telling you, I should marry this yarn I love it so much). I want to be able to look at the colors all the time so a scarf is a pretty good solution.

Socks that Rock. The purply one is a rare gem so you can't get it. I just lucked out because I was a member of the sock club. The other was also a sock club sample that should be available this year. Silkie Walking on the Wild Tide. So I tried using these two skeins for a stripey effect and it works really well. And even though this version is knit on smaller needles, my hands don't hurt me near as much so it must be that alpca I'm using on the first one. The only thing slowing this scarf down is that I have to keep stopping to admire the results.


I'll be lucky if I can blog with any regularity because we have a big implementation at work which means having to do actual WORK at work. Jeez, that really cuts down on blogging time.

What a nuisance.


Darn those darned implementations!